Exchange Proximity Hosting

For algorithmic, high-frequency, or low-latency traders, server colocation at IRONBEAM's datacenters will provide you with an ultra-low latency solution. They offer colocation at the datacenters that house the exchange matching engines. Each datacenter is equipped with multiple redundant exchange connections and the entire infrastructure is built-out to N+1 resiliency or better. Their network capacity typically operates at 10% or less during peak market conditions. Spikes in trading volume or sudden bursts of market data do not slow down or hinder their environments.

IRONBEAM can offer a turnkey solution of leasing you a server (and even going as far as fully configuring it for you) or IRONBEAM can accept your own private server and offering hosting services only.

IRONBEAM does NOT require access to your server. While you may wish to give them access to your server in the event during initial start-up or post-installation (if you need technical assistance), this is not a requirement. You should only work with a solution provider like IRONBEAM that enables you to fully protect your intellectual property and trading algorithms.

Low Latency Data and Trading

In low latency networks simplicity reins supreme. IRONBEAM segregates its market data and trading network from all other network systems. Unlike traditional providers that plug you into a "core" or onto a switch that is daisy chained to their core router, IRONBEAM plugs you into a switch that is directly connected to the exchange matching engine.They physically separate the trading and market data network traffic from all other traffic to provide you with the best latency metrics.

It is not only building simple networks. Why simple is fast and elegant, it is costly. They cannot reap the cost benefit of aggregating hundreds of customers on a single exchange connection. They also source the lowest latency layer 3 switching gear in the industry. They currently deploy Arista 7124SX which are rated as the lowest latency switches in the world. By some measurements, bypassing a core router and not being daisy chained behind other switches can save you up to 1 millisecond. That is 1,000 microseconds or 2000x the latency of the port-to-port speed of our environment. We are specialists in this market space with port-to-port latency of less than 500 nanoseconds (that is 0.5 microseconds or 0.0005 milliseconds).

High Frequency Performance

IRONBEAM runs a 24x6 fully staffed Network Operations Center. IRONBEAM does not outsource its NOC. They are high performance based and driven. They not only monitor network resiliency and connectivity, but also the latency between all of our exchange paths. If you are trading a spread on two different exchanges you need assurance that not only is your connection up, but what the latency times are. The smallest increase in latency can mean the difference from making winning trades or missing/losing on trades.

They fully disclose our latency numbers and network infrastructure so you are fully informed on IRONBEAM's competitive advantages. IRONBEAM takes high performance metrics a step further by analyzing trading messages to the exchange and offering their customers insight into how they better improve their trading operations and algorithms. Not all exchange connections are equal, there are subtle differences and empirically they can assist you in obtaining the high performance your algorithms demand.


IRONBEAM provides consulting services to assist you with:
They posses the knowledge and expertise to build out a new trading infrastructure or improve your existing one. Please contact us for a free initial consultation on how they can assist you with your trading needs.
  • Server configuration: What is the right server for your application. Operating system selection, Network Interface Card, and various tools and drivers that can improve the overall operation of the server
  • Server performance tuning: tips and tricks that can be applied to your server's operating system to improve how its network behaves. This improves latency inside of your server.
  • Network design: Building your trading infrastructure at multiple exchange co-location facilities so that your systems can talk to each other as expeditiously as possible.
  • Electronic trading platforms/systems: They have relationships with numerous vendors and suppliers of trading algorithm software and platforms. Allow them to direct you to the appropriate vendor to improve your existing systems or to build new ones.
  • Performance monitoring: While they do everything they can to make sure our networks are as fast as possible, They can assist you with performance monitoring for your own server. By monitoring the end result in your server you can have assurance that your system is performing in an optimal environment.
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